Cestus Safe Solutions

Cestus Safe Solutions

A Full Spectrum Hand Safety Protection Program …Customized by our Hand Safety Experts for Your Company.

Your Sites…Your Hazards

Cestus has always been fanatical about safety. The intense focus on quality materials and intelligent design detail define the brand that brings battle-proven gloves to today’s gladiators of industry. With a family of gloves that continues to grow, Cestusline is devoted to reliable quality, delivery, and cost controls that maximize protection, while minimizing costs.

Cestus professionals specialize in matching the right tool for the job with hand protection that exceeds performance expectations across every industry. Hand safety education for public & private sectors is more to Cestus professionals than simple product alignment. A full library of customizable safety resources is available to all Cestus clients.

Hands are one of your most valuable tools, but jobsite hazards consistently put your hands at risk. Though steps are made to first, engineer the hazard out or second, to administratively reduce the likelihood of the hazard coming into play through safety training, some of the hazards cannot be removed or reduced. There is an essential need for quality hand protection as a last line of defense. Each location and/or jobsite within an organization has unique hazards.


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