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With a tacky, industrial grip and light-weight design, Boxx™ gloves boost productivity while handling boxes or moving heavy items, while keeping your hands comfortable.

Boxx™ gloves come with the Cestus® exclusive, silicone Ripple Grip® palm that maximizes grip control and dexterity on smooth surfaces. Synthetic leather reinforcement in high wear areas adds durability, while form-fitting spandex on the back of the gloves ensures a snug and breathable fit. Hexagonal Memory Gel® in base of palm adds vibration and impact absorption.

  • Ripple Grip® Palm: maximizes grip control for smooth, wet and dry surfaces.
  • Reinforced Saddle: adds durability in a high-wear area.
  • Form-Fitting Spandex: Ensures a snug fit and breathability.
  • Terry Cloth Back on Thumb: absorbs moisture to keep hand dry, or for wiping brow.
  • Adjustable Short Cuff: ensures snug fit while in use.

Couriers, Mechanics, Weapons Handling, Vehicle Inspection, Warehouse workers, Aircraft Maintenance, Tactical & Special Operations, Bricklayers, Roofers, Construction, Wood Workers and Carpenters. 

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