BrickHandler® BLK

BrickHandler® BLK

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Having durable, tough grip is essential when handling materials such as bricks, cinderblocks and other masonry materials.

BrickHandler® gloves feature a one-piece, anti-slip grip that is double-stitched onto synthetic leather with Kevlar® thread for added durability and longevity. Back-of-hand, knuckle and finger padding adds abrasion and light impact resistance on top of form-fitting spandex, which ensures breathability. The terry cloth thumb absorbs moisture to keep hand dry, or to easily wipe brow.

  • Anti-Slip Grip: adds heightened grip and dexterity.
  • Kevlar® Double Stitching: adds durability and longevity.
  • One-Piece Palm: adds durability, longevity and reduces risk of palm damage to the glove.
  • Adjustable Short Cuff: ensures snug fit while in use.
  • Terry Cloth Back on Thumb: absorbs moisture to keep hand dry, or for wiping brow.

Masonry, Bricklayers, Roofing, Construction Workers, Wood Workers & Carpenters, Forestry, Warehouse Workers, Loggers. 

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