Deep II® Gel 

Deep II® Gel 

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Hazards on job sites demand rigorous protection not only from impact and abrasion hazards, but also vibrations from the tools that are used.

Deep II® Gel features a one-piece, 3D, flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) shield on the back of the glove adds impact protection that bends with the fingers, and offers continuous protection from finger tips to wrist. The TefSecure® grip grid gives oil-resistant grip on top of synthetic leather that is double stitched with Kevlar® thread for added durability, while palm also contains Hexagonal Memory Gel® for complete vibration absorption from tools. The neoprene long cuff covers the wrist, while allowing the user to pull out of the glove if caught in a pinch or machinery.

  •  One-Piece, 3D, Flexible TPR Shield: Impact resistance for back of fingers down to the fingertips, thumb, knuckles and metacarpals.
  • TefSecure Silicone-Grip Grid: adds oil, water, and petro-chemical resistance, as well as grip control
  • Hexagonal Memory Gel®: absorbs vibrations from tools and helps protect from HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome) and carpal tunnel.
  • Long-Cuff design: adds protection, comfort and “tear-away” ability with heavy machinery.
  • One-Piece Palm with Kevlar® stitching: adds durability and longevity.


Oil & Gas Refining, Extraction, Fracking, Mining, Barrel & Drum Handler, Bat Chain Puller, Search & Rescue, Heavy Construction, Demolition, Tool Pusher, Iron Worker. 

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