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Save on orders over $99 with code: CESTUS99
Best Heavy-Duty Gloves for Construction Workers

Best Heavy-Duty Gloves for Construction Workers

Best Heavy-Duty Gloves for Construction Workers

Construction workers use their hands to build a variety of incredible and necessary items to keep communities flourishing. Their hands deserve proper protection as much as possible, which is why we design all of our heavy-duty gloves in-house based on field data and industrial client feedback. When constantly facing safety hazards, it’s vital construction workers take steps to protect their bodies from harm. Read on to learn about our best heavy-duty gloves for construction workers.

Deep III Pro

The Deep III Pro will be there to protect your hands through the toughest of construction challenges while maintaining dexterity and comfort. This glove was designed in-house to maintain tight control over quality with a structural fit to ensure the safety of workers worldwide. This glove was the result of a decade of field experiments. The final iterations were tested successfully onsite over nine months with one of the largest private construction companies in America.

The palm of the Deep III Pro is double stitched with Kevlar and has a synthetic leather base layer, a high-density cut liner, and an outer red palm. The red palm material is water-, oil-, and petrochemical resistant. The coarse texture gives abrasion resistance and strong grip control. The utility patented TPR design shields workers’ hands from various types of impact or crush injuries more efficiently than a standard impact glove. The TPR bends naturally with your fingers to reduce strain and the onset of hand fatigue. Designed for safety, with comfort in mind—cut and sewn for you. 

HandMax Pro

The HandMax Pro was developed alongside the Deep III Pro as a more dexterous and flexible option. This palm has no break-in period and is made for a structural fit. The thick double-layered synthetic leather palm is double-stitched on top of a dense cut liner. The fingers are pre-curved to reduce the onset of hand fatigue. Our final iteration of this glove was the result of rigorous testing and evaluation from industrial clients.

Deep Impact Driver

We make the Deep Impact Driver with top grain goat leather, the highest quality layer of leather. We chose goat leather because it is more soft, supple, and durable than cow leather. Dexterity is important, so we chose a leather that is not hard to work with. This glove features a keystone thumb for a more formfitting experience. The palm is double stitched with Kevlar with a dense cut liner underneath. The TPR impact protection is designed to naturally bend with your fingers so that there is no added stress or hand fatigue.


RockHard Original

This safety glove features a top grain goat leather palm, just like the Deep Impact Driver. It is not as heavy duty as the gloves mentioned above, as there is no cut liner built into this glove. This glove is best suited for a jack of all trades, whether you’re working on DIY projects, yard work, landscaping, or sorting firewood. It’s form-fitting, durable, and breathable. The glove features a touchscreen pinky, firm foam protection, and TPR protection.

Our craftsmen at Cestus Armored Gloves specially design our gloves in-house for each industry so you know you’re safe at work. For safety managers looking to find the construction work gloves that best fit the needs of your team, contact us at for more in-depth guidance.

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