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Cestus Work Gloves

Get to Know Cestus, The Foremost Provider of Next Generation Work Gloves

The next time you’re on the job, or at home working on a project, what will protect your hands from the hazards you’re likely to encounter? Whether you’re pulling up weeds or fighting fires, there is one manufacturer of work gloves that stands above the rest: Cestus Armored Gloves.

Who is Cestus?

Cestusline is built around a genuine passion for hand protection. Based in Portland, Oregon, Cestus develops premium work gloves for our clients around the globe. Everything we do is aimed at creating a superior product, from our independent lab testing, to field testing, to utilizing end-user feedback. We focus on creating products that create measurable differences in our target industries.

Did you know that 25% of all workplace accidents involve hand and finger injuries? What’s more, among those injuries, over 70% could have been prevented with the proper protection in the form of an armored work glove. That’s a lot of lost time and productivity that could have been avoided with the proper hand protection.

It’s All in the Name

Traditionally, a cestus was an ancient battle glove used by the Roman Gladiator’s to protect their hands in combat, usually made from strips of leather and hardened resins. We honor that namesake by creating gloves for today’s modern-day gladiators, the working warriors, through modern-day innovations and techniques.

The Difference with Our Work Gloves

Comfort is a key design component of every one of Cestus’ Armored Gloves. After all, gloves only protect the hands that wear them.

If your primary concern with work gloves is safety, you likely think about adding more and more protection in order to reduce overall injuries. On the other side of things, if you’re out there using work gloves and relying on them in your day-to-day, it’s really about comfort and dexterity. That’s the balance that we strive for in every Cestus work glove.  

Researched, Designed, and Built with Passion

There are so many intricacies in our gloves, all of which come together to make a significant impact on both safety and dexterity for our working warriors. The details and the level of care that we put into each glove stems from our never-ending passion to build a superior hand protection product.

With nearly 30 years of combined experience in gloves, we know our way around hand protection. We stick with what we’re good at - honing our craft to create more protective, more comfortable products - but we aren’t afraid to try new things. Because of our devotion to hand protection, we’re constantly trying new materials, products, and designs that other glove manufacturers just wouldn’t risk.

We love visiting job sites where folks are using our work gloves. We don’t just talk to the site Safety Manager, we take the time to really talk to the people who actually wear our gloves. There’s no better feedback than what you hear from those wearing your gloves every day, and that feedback is crucial to the work we do at Cestusline. In fact, some of our most innovative features and designs have come directly from feedback we’ve received from end-users.

An Anatomical Focus

Anatomy is crucial. It’s the flip-side of the coin from end-user feedback, but it’s just as crucial for us to be able to make improvements. One Cestusline innovation is the pre-curve, which means that every Cestusline work glove follows the natural shape of the hand. To achieve this, we spent a lot of time with ergonomists and anatomists discussing how exactly the hand moves and the way that we exert pressure when we’re trying to grip something. The result is a glove that feels and performs better while lasting longer.

A Quality, Cost-Effective Glove That People like Wearing

The comfort and durability of Cestus Armored gloves are why they’re consistently championed by our customers. We’ve had customers tell us that our gloves last 10x longer than the glove they used to use, resulting in massive cost savings.

Think about everything you do with your hands. Whether it’s holding the hand of a loved one or completing all the intricate tasks that comprise your day-to-day, your hands are your most valuable asset. You create things, you build them, you exercise your ingenuity and everything that makes you human. Cestus is dedicated to keeping your most valuable assets in top working order by utilizing designs, materials, and techniques that other manufacturers overlook.

If you’d like to see what superior performance looks and feels like, explore our collections today.

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Skullbunnie - February 26, 2019

My Knuckles will be safe with these awesome gloves.

Randy combs - February 25, 2019

Can’t wait to be able to try some of these gloves out. They really look well made and tough enough for the jobs they are made for.

william causey - February 23, 2019

i go through dozens of cheap gloves a year

Young M - February 18, 2019

I’ll give them a try too

Randy K Combs - January 30, 2019

I’m always working around where I live keeping trails cleared for hiking and riding ATV/UTV’s and I am looking forward to being able to try some gloves from Cestus to see how they hold up to the work I do.

Derrick - January 23, 2019

Cant wait to get a pair and try on the fire ground.

Vickie Martinez - January 7, 2019

This is so exciting! I can’t wait to surprise my husband with some of these👍

Marilyn Felix - January 3, 2019

I’m looking into buying a pair they seem so amazing.

Jonathon Harp - December 3, 2018

We use these where I work. At a shipbuilding yard. Lost if saved knuckles and fingers.

Susan P. - December 1, 2018

For carpentry and gardening, Cestus gloves are the best!

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