The Best Work Gloves for Dexterity

In 2016 there were more than 100,000 work-related hand injuries that led to time off work.

With hand injuries so common in the workplace, it's important to use the correct safety equipment. And if you want to protect your hands at work, it makes sense to start with the best work gloves.

You want a glove that will protect your hands, but still leave you enough dexterity to perform your work. But with such a wide choice in the work glove market, it's hard to know where to start.

So read on for our recommendation of some of the best safety gloves for dexterity.

Mesh Work Gloves

Mesh work gloves are one of the more lightweight types of work gloves.

The light and breathable mesh on the back of the gloves offers protection against abrasions and minor lacerations. It means these are good works gloves for jobs such as landscaping where the level of protection does not need to be super tough.

Since the gloves are lightweight, the dexterity is very good as there is no thick material to restrict movement. The breathable mesh means even in hot temperatures the gloves won't be too warm to use. These are also very durable work gloves.

Latex Coated Work Gloves

Latex coated work gloves are ideal when you need a sure grip.

A latex coating on the palms and fingers of a glove means you get a high level of grip on both wet and dry surfaces. This makes them really good work gloves for jobs such as auto maintenance.

Again, this type of glove does not have the same level of protection as some of the more substantial gloves on the market. But for many jobs, dexterity and grip far outweigh the need for seriously armored gloves.

The level of dexterity of these gloves is very good. Since only the palm and fingers need to provide grip, the back can be left uncoated, meaning that the glove is still breathable. This way, you won't have to suffer from clammy hands all day long.

Memory Gel Gloves

Memory gel gloves are tough work gloves for people who work with heavy equipment and power tools.

This kind of work often leads to impact and abrasion injuries. You need good work gloves that not only protect against lacerations but can also help absorb the impact of using power tools. This is where the memory gel comes in.

Memory gel absorbs some of the impact and vibrations that come with the use of heavy drilling equipment. This dampening effect can reduce the risk of issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The pliable gel also helps to provide excellent grip.

The reverse of these type of work gloves is tough enough to resist puncturing.

Kevlar Work Gloves

Kevlar work gloves are some seriously tough work gloves.

For jobs such as firefighting, or search and rescue, the risk of cut and puncture hazards is high. That's where the Kevlar comes in. The same material used to make bulletproof vests, it protects your hands to the next level. The Kevlar thread also means you have great grip and ensures that these work gloves are incredibly durable.

Kevlar work gloves offer you great cut protection whilst still giving you the dexterity you need for your work.

Leather Work Gloves

A pair of goat skin leather gloves is ideal for when you literally need to handle things with kid gloves.

Leather has long been a go-to material for gloves thanks to its durability and great flexibility. Goat skin leather gloves offer a fantastic level of dexterity, without having to make sacrifices on toughness. They are some of the best working gloves for people in careers such as forestry or construction.

They're also pretty great gloves for driving in.

Extra Grip Gloves

We've all experienced the nightmare of a heavy cardboard box slipping through our hands.

If you work in a warehouse or another job that involves heavy lifting of a lot of cardboard containers, then you are looking for good work gloves with incredible grip. By making use of a textured pattern of ridges, these gloves are ideal for keeping a firm grip on heavy cardboard packages. They also protect you from any sharp edges.

With great grip and a high level of dexterity, these are the best working gloves for jobs where there's a lot of lifting to be done.

Ultra-Thin Work Gloves

Some jobs require a high level of precision, whilst still leaving you at risk to cuts and abrasions.

This is where a pair of ultra-thin work gloves can come in handy. Workers such as electricians or caterers need to be able to have no impact on their dexterity whilst still seeking protection. Ultra-thin gloves allow for a high level of tactile dexterity, and the High-Performance Polyethylene provides resistance to punctures and abrasions.

This about as dextrous as you can get without bare fingers.

Exposed Finger Work Gloves

There are times when exposing your fingers is the only way to get the full dexterity you need.

People like assembly workers or carpenters need a level of dexterity that no glove is able to offer. But they still want protection for their hands. That's where exposed finger work gloves come in. They offer great protection for most of the hand but leave the thumb and first two fingers exposed so you can grip those fiddly nails.

When ultimate dexterity is required, exposed finger work gloves are the perfect compromise between control and protection.

The Best Work Gloves Are the Gloves That Let You Do Your Best Work

The best work gloves are very much a personal thing.

It depends what work you are doing, how much dexterity you require in your work, and ultimately how comfortable you find your gloves. We hope that this list has given you a few options that grab your interest.

If you would like to learn more about the wide range of high-quality work gloves that we can offer, then please get in touch.


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