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The Most Common Types of Industrial Accidents

The Most Common Types of Industrial Accidents

The Most Common Types of Industrial Accidents

Working a labor-intensive job requires expertise, safe practices, and equipment knowledge. It’s also necessary to know your work environment, whether you labor in a frigid climate or on mile-high construction sites. The last thing you want is to fall victim to work-related injuries and be out of a job.

So here are the most common types of industrial accidents you should look out for. Whether you’re new to the industry or need a refresher, you can see what kind of injuries you can end up with to avoid them.

Slips and Falls

One of the most common types of industrial accidents that can occur at any job site is falling or slipping. However, depending on if you work around excess oil, water, or other liquids, slip hazards can happen at any time.

Therefore, it’s necessary to wear slip-resistant boots and padding to prevent serious injuries. But falling can either occur from a trip hazard or because you weren’t careful on scaffolding. So make sure you're aware of your surroundings and move any obstacles that might get in your way.

Improper Lifting and Overexertion

You can easily tear a ligament or throw out your back if you don’t know proper lifting techniques. Lifting from your legs and avoiding strenuous back movements will reduce the chance of having a herniated disc or tearing a muscle.

Additionally, overexertion can slowly result in muscle, joint, and tissue injuries. Take breaks often, and don’t lift more than you can handle.

Chemical Burns and Heat Exposure

When you're working with welding equipment, soldering, or using chemicals, you can become a victim of heat- or chemical-related injuries. As a result, you must cover up exposed skin and hair to prevent yourself from catching fire, burning yourself, or experiencing permanent impairments. Lastly, make sure you have heat-resistant welding gloves while working with welding equipment.

Machine and Equipment Injuries

Pinching, puncturing, crushing, and vibration-related injuries can result in lifelong damage when working in the industrial world. Make sure your job provides puncture-resistant shoes, gloves, and body padding. Also, understand everything you need to know about equipment to reduce the chances of injuries.

While working in a labor-intensive job, you must have the awareness and preventative knowledge to avoid injuries. Before you know it, you’ll become a safety expert.

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