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What Are Hi-Vis Gloves and Why Are They Critical for Safety?

What Are Hi-Vis Gloves and Why Are They Critical for Safety?

What Are Hi-Vis Gloves and Why Are They Critical for Safety?

While working in certain conditions such as low light, search and rescue, and firefighting, many workers rely on high visibility gloves to keep them safe. Extreme conditions call for these special gloves, but so do more common jobs such as traffic direction and road construction.

Hi-vis gloves are one of the most important pieces of PPE you can wear. They're designed to keep you safe and also make it easier for others to see you on the job. Hi-vis gloves have become more popular since being required by OSHA, but many still don't understand what hi-vis gloves are and why they're so critical for safety. In this guide, we'll discuss why hi-vis gloves are critical to your safety equipment and how you can choose the right ones for your job.

Hi-Visibility Gloves Keep You Safe

Hi-visibility gloves may seem like an unimportant detail when it comes to safety on the job, but if they make sure that people can see what's going on around them better or prevent injuries from happening in the first place, then it means employers will be able to continue operating their businesses safely without worrying about injuries affecting productivity or output.

Critical to Safety

Hi-visibility gloves are critical to safety on the job for several reasons. First, everyone should wear hi-visibility apparel to help them stand out against their environment and increase their visibility to other workers and vehicles.

With many operations, such as those involving machinery or heavy equipment usage, hazards may occur if proper hand protection isn't used during operation. These gloves include a reflective stripe often in bright colors such as green, yellow, or orange, designed to be seen from a distance.

The Challenges of PPE 

The most important thing to remember is that nothing beats a good pair of hi-vis gloves. They're essential for protecting your hands while performing certain tasks and can be purchased in many different styles and colors with varying degrees of protection. But before you start shopping around, consider what factors are most important to you and ensure they align with how your business operates so that everyone stays safe on the job. Check the certification label of all PPE and ensure it meets OSHA standards.

Safety Is Priority

A reflective glove has the same properties as heavy-duty safety gloves, but it has been coated with special paint that reflects light at night when headlights shine on them.

These gloves are made of different materials with different functions, so it's important to ensure you have the correct hi-vis gloves for the job. For example, some gloves will help protect your hands in cold weather, while others provide extra grip when working on machinery. Other types of hi-vis gloves offer specific protection against heat and fire.

Hi-visibility gloves are a great tool for keeping you safe, but they're not magic. They are no substitute for proper training, good judgment, and common sense.

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