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Press Releases


Portland, OR – Attendees of the FDIC Show in Indianapolis will be the first to view, try, and buy the new Attack Series gloves from Cestusline, Inc.® The culmination of years of research into an industry with a rich tradition has resulted in a selection of gloves developed with creative input from fire rescue squads themselves. Partnered with Cestusline®’s award-winning R & D team and rigid quality control, firefighters were repeatedly surprised by the outstanding workmanship and durability of the test models. Although Cestusline® respects the gloried history of the industry, they bucked tradition with many of the glove designs by reversing layers, rethinking functional details, and adding new layers of protection. Visit Cestus® at Booth 136 to feel the Cestus® Difference. For more information, email us at or visit our website at Questions may also be directed to our Marketing Department at our corporate office at (503) 894-8549.


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Portland, Oregon’s leading industrial and technical glove manufacturer, Cestusline, Inc.®, will be exhibiting at MineExpo 2016 in Las Vegas from September 26th-28th. Cestusline®‘s commitment to superior ergonomic fit is a difference you can literally feel at the Cestus® booth. This year’, Cestusline® will showcase the latest developments in  hand protection and hand safety for the mining industry. The addition of new, engineered fabrics and design modifications represent the company’s in-depth commitment to mining’s working warriors. Try the Cestus® Grip Challenge at Booth 2376 in the North Hall. There, you can put the gloves to the test in oily, muddy, and dry conditions with their new Brute Manipulation Chamber. Cestus Armored Gloves® for Proven Performance. Don’t forget to ask us for a sneak peek at our latest prototypes, where you’ll finally see the future of hand protection!


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Jennifer Choi, the Vice President of Marketing at Cestus®, offers insight into the protective properties and longevity of Cestus® gloves.

Did you know you can wash your gloves to extend their lifetime?
First of all, Cestusline® gloves are made to last, so we recommend hand washing and hanging to air dry. Our clients at industrial sites consistently report that after a shift, they pump liquid soap onto the gloves and wash them while wearing with warm water. In addition, this process repeats if the gloves (and you) have had a hard day. They then hang them in their locker to air-dry, and the gloves are ready for action the next morning.

Did you know TPR is heat-resistant?
TPR is the abbreviated form of Thermoplastic Rubber. Our flexible TPR Impact Shields are heat resistant to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Another cool feature: the segmentation is angled on many of our gloves to provide flexible protection against impacts without restricting hand movement. Many gloves have “weak spots” in their protection, so our Pro Series gloves (designed for oil & gas) offer uninterrupted protection for your hands from fingertips to knuckles.

Did you know there is no glove test for impact?
The hand safety industry is actively working on this! Currently, glove manufacturers have been self-testing their products to improve performance and simulate real-life hazards. Be careful! When results sound too good to be true, they often are. The purpose of dorsal impact protection is to reduce the severity of impacts to the back of the hand and fingers. Unfortunately, there is no glove that can absorb 80-90 percent of impact forces when used in real-world scenarios, i.e. heavy things falling on hands. Conversely, the introduction of the impact glove into industrial applications reduced hand injuries by at least 60 percent! Keep your eyes peeled, as Cestus® will be discussing impact testing later in 2015 with results that stand up to real-world physics.

Did you know gloves are rated on a scale of 0-5 for dexterity performance?
Andrew Winney, a Wyoming-based Health and Safety Executive (HSE) professional, said, “The most common complaint is dexterity issues. If the gloves don’t have enough dexterity, the workers have to take them off to do precision jobs.” This is often when injuries occur. Many HSE managers have echoed these sentiments, stating that, “by the time my guys break in their gloves, they (glove palms) are worn out and they have to start all over again.” Leather gloves that get wet, cold, or both are especially prone to dexterity performance issues that can prove hazardous.

EN420 grades glove dexterity. The performance levels are based on the smallest diameter of pin (mm) that can be picked up with a gloved hand three times in 20 seconds:

Performance Rating Pin Diameter
1 11.0
2 9.5
3 8.0
4 6.5
5 5.0

Gloves with good dexterity performance can greatly reduce hand fatigue. When hands are at rest, fingers are naturally curved. Having hand protection that conforms to this natural hand position and has good flexibility can reduce the incidence of repetitive stress injury on the job. Your hands are your most valuable tools, yet many people overlook their protection.

Did you know there were 139,820 lost-time cases resulting from hand injuries in 2013 alone, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics?
Injury on the job is common, and hand injuries are a leading cause of casualty. The fingertips are often where people get pinched, so we flare the finger protection to provide full coverage for this crucial “pinch point.”

When cuts and lacerations of the fingers and hands are combined, the number of days-away-from work cases (approximately 110,000 annually), are second only to back strains and sprains, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Consequently, the statistics from the National Safety Council are eye-opening:

➤ Direct cost of a laceration: $10,000

➤ Stitches: $2,000 plus indirect costs, such as time away from work

➤ Butterfly: $300

➤ Severed tendon: >$70,000

In conclusion, no one wants to deal with this, so get your gloves on!

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