HandMax Pro 6161

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The HandMax Pro sets the new standard for breathability and protection. The High Dexterity Palm surface has a light palm padding for wearer comfort. A hidden layer of our new Slashweave material invisibly protects hands further from cut and puncture injury with an ANSI/ ISEA 105-2016 A6 Rating. Double stitching on the palm reinforces common wear points without creating excess palm bulk. The HandMax Pro uses Ventilated TPR to increase impact protection while maintaining maximum breathability. Curved finger construction helps limit user fatigue and increase dexterity. Touch Screen ready middle finger allows user to operate smartphones and tablets. High-Visibility fabric and reflective strip on the cuff maximizes hand visibility with a slim ranch cuff that provides vented, easy donning.


  • High Dexterity Palm surface with light palm padding for wearer comfort. Double stitching in to maximize durability.
  • The palm surface has an invisible base layer of cut and puncture resistant material that further protects the wearer’s hands from sharp edges and splinters
  • Ergonomically curved finger seams for an out of the box broken-in feeling that conforms to wearer’s hands at rest.
  • Continuous impact coverage between knuckles and fingers that extends to fully cover fingertips—a high incidence pinch point
  • High Visibility and Breathable 2 way stretch spandex back of hand material to keep hands cool while maximizing visual awareness of hand position

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