Named after the glove Roman gladiators used, Cestus® (ses-tuh s) has brought superior design and craftsmanship in hand safety to modern-day gladiators since 2010.

Deep Grip® Kool 3056 Deep Grip® Winter 5056 Deep III® Pro 3207 HM® Deep Winter 5025 HMD Cut5 3008

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Working with live flames that produce sparks and hot metal surfaces can expose welding hands to hazards ranging from burns to lacerations. Welder Series gloves are designed with welding in mind. Most Welder Series gloves feature flame and cut resistant Lastamid®, a Cestus®-exclusive technology. Strong grip that gives extra dexterity allows welders to hold small objects, welding equipment and tools.

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Fire Attack®

Fire Attack®

Breaking with tradition, the FireAttack is made of lightweight Nomex outer that dries faster than traditional leather gloves.

Stop struggling with dexterity. All finger seams are pre-curved for improved fit when at rest. The triple layered silicon printed Kevlar palm gives you the grip control you’ve always dreamed of, whether you are on nozzle, or performing rehab, extrication, or Driver/ Operator functions. Versatile as an all-in-one, but fine-tuned for the heroes that live to fight fires.

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Cold Weather Gloves

Cold Weather Gloves

If you work in cold or freezing conditions check out our Cold Weather Gloves. These gloves will keep you warm with our proprietary technology without sacrificing any dexterity.

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