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Oil & Gas Gloves

Born in the oil patch from the comments and suggestions of the people who “Drill baby, Drill,” oil and gas gloves from Cestus are developed with a commitment to safety improvement for this high risk industry.

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Fire & Rescue Gloves

Cestus offers a diverse fire & rescue glove line that gives you the high performance safety, dexterity, and comfort you need to perform extreme extraction, rescue and general bunker use.

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Cold Weather Gloves

Don’t let cold hands slow you down as temperatures drop. Cold weather gloves from Cestus all have an invisible waterproof layer that keeps your hands dry and warm, with a fleece or faux fur lining to keep you cozy.

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Cestus High-Performance Work Gloves

Cestus Armored Gloves can meet any challenge you may face while on the job. Our heavy-duty safety gloves have the perfect combination of precision hand protection, support, and job-specific performance features to meet your unique needs. Leather, rubber, Kevlar, memory gel, nitrile—we’ll use whatever it takes to deliver the best high-performance work gloves available.

If you happen to need assistance finding the right pair of performance work gloves to meet the requirements of your job, check out our work glove buyer’s guide. You can use it to identify the features you need to adequately protect your hands while on the job.

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