Impact Gloves

Impact Resistant Gloves

If you work or spend time in high-impact environments, reliable hand protection is not optional, it’s a necessity. You need your hands to perform your work duties every day. Impact gloves that consistently and effectively protect you from hazards like crushing, pinching, cuts, and punctures are essential.

Suffering a hand injury at home or on the job can really slow you down. Impact gloves from Cestus Armored Gloves reduce crush injuries without getting in your way. Various levels and types of protection are suited to different tasks, fields, and industries. Choose the right gloves for your purposes. We have impact gloves designed specifically for high dexterity tasks, tight spaces, heavy construction, rigging, demolition, rescue, and more.

Our collection of impact-resistant gloves is designed to defend your hands through the toughest and most demanding tasks while offering superior wrist protection, grip, and ease of movement. You’re up to the task, and your gloves should be too.

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