About Us

Cestus Armored Gloves

Cestusline is a DIVERSE SUPPLIER: WOSB, EDWOSB, DBE, MBE, WBE and SBA Certified Business based in Vancouver, Washington. Cestusline (also known as Cestus) prides itself on developing premium hand protection for our clients worldwide.
Beyond our independent lab testing, Cestus holds its products to a higher standard for dexterity and performance.  As such, our patented materials and ergonomic seam construction make Cestus gloves as comfortable as they are durable.
Since the Cestus team loves a challenge, we focus on creating noticeable and measurable differences for targeted industries.  Furthermore, our ability to adapt and improve designs to meet our customers’ needs has led to major developments in hand safety.  Our customers tell us what they need, so we listen.  Finally, our gloves are put to the test in real-life environments to measure their performance and functionality on our clients’ site trials.
In summary, we aren’t afraid to get our gloves dirty. Cestus prides itself on being agile in our development of custom safety gloves that help reduce our clients’ bottom line. Ask us about either our site trials or our customized PPE hazard assessments, charts, and cost-performance analysis tools.  We may make great gloves, yet our passion is hand safety. We have a proven track record of improving hand safety and lowering PPE costs on worksites around the world.  Most of all, we’d love to do the same for yours.