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Temp Series

Insulated Work Gloves for Cold Weather

Don’t let cold hands slow you down when temperatures drop. The cold weather work gloves from Cestus Armored Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry in even the most intense weather and temperature conditions. Our insulated gloves protect your hands when you’re working outdoors, handling frozen goods, on a fishing boat, and in any other cold or harsh environment.

Working in extremely low temperatures without high-quality cold weather grip gloves carries the danger of frostbite and temporary or permanent damage to your hands and fingers. There’s also a risk that your ability to operate equipment or complete detailed tasks may be impaired due to improper insulation and hand protection in cold conditions.

You don’t let harsh weather stop you, and you need gloves that are equally tough. Our collection of insulated work gloves for cold weather is up to the challenge. Choose from gloves with fleece or faux fur linings that combine weather and moisture protection with dexterity and grip-control technology—features often missing from other cold-weather gloves.

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