Gloves 101

A complete guide to everything work gloves

High-Performance Work & Safety Gloves Designed For Any Challenge

Cestus Armored Gloves are designed with specific goals in mind. Different industries and jobs require different types of hand protection. Our mission is to understand the work you do and what you need in a glove. Then, we combine intelligent design details and exclusive patented materials to create work gloves that provide the right combinations of targeted hand protection, comfort, and performance features to meet the demands of your specific industry.

glove materials

Glove Materials

Leather, Rubber, Nitrile, & More – Learn about the different materials used to make gloves and discover what materials are best suited for certain jobs.

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glove grip

Glove Grip

Learn about what makes gloves “grippy.” From wet to oily conditions, learn about how gloves are able to maintain their grip even in the toughest conditions.

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glove cuffs

Glove Cuffs

Gauntlet, Slip-on, Knit Wrist, & More – Learn about the different styles of glove cuffs, and which one is right for your specific needs

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glove sizing

Glove Sizing

The wrong size glove can cause hand fatigue or even injury. Learn how to accurately measure your hand with this useful glove sizing guide.

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glove linings

Glove Linings

Liners protect your hands, keep them warm, and repel moisture, grease, and oil. Discover the types of glove liners and their uses.

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bicyclist wearing fingerless gloves

Glove Fingers

Learn about the differences between full-finger and fingerless gloves, situations where you would need one or the other, and how glove fingers impact tactical gloves.

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Glove Colors & Patterns

From reflective neons, to neutral colors, to hospital-blue latex, find out what glove colors and patterns mean and when high-visibility gloves are essential.

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waterproof gloves


Keeping your hands dry and warm is important if you’re working in a high-moisture environment or harsh weather conditions. Learn how to choose the right pair of waterproof work gloves.

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glove dexterity


Mesh, Memory Gel, Kevlar, & More — Learn about the materials and design features that make work gloves flexible and convenient, as well as how to choose the right pair.

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anti vibration gloves

Anti Vibration

Anti-vibration gloves are important for safety, comfort, and performance for heavy equipment operators. Discover the best technologies and materials that help prevent injury.

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construction worker wearing cut resistant gloves

Cut Resistance

Learn about standards of work-glove cut resistance in the U.S. and Europe and how to determine what level of cut resistance is required for your specific purposes.

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Heat Resistant gloves

Heat Resistance

Heat-resistant gloves are an essential component of PPE for welders and ironworkers, among other professions. Learn how to find the right heat-resistant hand protection for your industry.

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Impact Resistant gloves

Impact Resistance

Find out how impact resistance is built into gloves with layers of reinforced material to protect your hands from impact injuries, cuts, punctures, blisters, chafing, and bruising.

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Summer Gloves

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Winter Gloves

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Work Gloves by Industry

construction gloves


Cut and impact protection, grip, high-visibility striping, and comfort are all common features of construction gloves. Learn how to determine which criteria are necessary for your purposes.

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Firefighting gloves


Firefighters’ gloves must be extremely heat- and fire-resistant. They should also offer impact and cut resistance, flexility, and comfort. Learn how gloves can meet all of these requirements.

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oil and gas industry gloves

Oil & Gas

Learn how to choose the ideal pair of oil & gas industry gloves that provide grease and oil resistance, superior grip control, and high-quality impact protection.

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Welding gloves


The type of welding you do determines what you’ll want to look for in a pair of welding gloves. Learn how to find the right features, materials, and fit.

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Heavy Equipment gloves

Heavy Equipment

If you operate heavy equipment, you need tough, well-fitting gloves that offer vibration absorption. Find out how the right pair can help encourage comfort and prevent injury.

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Steel Mill and Ironworking gloves

Steel Mill & Ironworking

Heat-resistant gloves are a must for steel mill workers and ironworkers. Learn the standards of heat resistance and why cut resistance, grip control, durability, and comfort are also necessities.

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mechanic gloves


Discover how a pair of high-quality mechanics gloves can reduce the risk of common acute hand injuries and chronic conditions, without compromising dexterity or comfort.

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Carpentry and Woodworking gloves

Carpentry & Woodworking

Woodworking requires efficiency and precision. Find out how carpentry gloves can offer breathability and dexterity while protecting your hands from cuts and abrasions.

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Logging and Forestry gloves

Logging & Forestry

Logging can be a dangerous industry. Find out how logging and chainsaw gloves limit the risk of injury and ensure comfort and dexterity.

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Work Glove Guide

How to Choose the Best Work Gloves

Don’t let the wrong pair of gloves hold you back. Identify the specific needs of your work environment and learn the right type of gloves to help you get the job done.

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